Legacy of Tony Ryle – one day celebration

Legacy of Tony Ryle – one day celebration
10th March 2017

CAT, Past, Present and Future: The Legacy of Tony Ryle (1927-2016)

10th March 2017, 9.30am to 6pm at Regent’s University, London

The Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy enjoyed a wonderful one day conference in memory of Tony Ryle, and celebrated his great contribution of Cognitive Analytic Therapy.

The programme was a mixture of remembering Tony Ryle, his ideas about therapy and the early days of the development of the model. It also looked at new ways of working and new applications of CAT.  Those who knew Tony Ryle, or heard him speak, will know that he would never have wanted the model to be fixed in stone but to be a continuously evolving way of making therapy more accessible to anyone in distress, particular those with limited resources of their own.  The day alternated between looking back and remembering, and looking forward to new developments and diversity.


“Tony Ryle – Innovator and Educator” – Donald Bermingham, Anna Jellema, Mikael Leiman, Ian Kerr

“Tony Ryle on Beginnings and Endings” – Lawrence Welch, Steve Potter and Alison Jenaway, Dahlia Maslin, Hilary Beard

“Tony Ryle as Researcher” – Professor Glenys Parry, Steve Kellett

“Tony Ryle as Clinician” – Annalee Curran, Dupe Adu-White, Nick Barnes, Virginia West

At the end of the formal part of the day there was an opportunity for a more informal collection of brief creative presentations.

Those who knew Tony, or met him, sent brief video clips of their memories of Tony, or a written reflection of him and his influence.  These were put together to create a memorial archive which will be kept by ACAT.

Some people brought “Goodbye Postcards” which were displayed at the conference and have now been collected together to form a memorial book.

We are very grateful to Alison Jenaway for organising this day.


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