Patras Conference Programme

Here is the conference programme from the Sixth ICATA conference held in Patras in 2015……….

Iannis Vlachos, Marisa Poggioli, and Liz McCormick

Thursday 24th September

Pre conference evening, informal arrangements

For those arriving on Thursday in preparation for the pre conference workshops we met informally at 7.00 and went out for a meal together.

Friday 25th September  

9.30 Pre-conference ‘all day’ in depth workshops

1. Approaches to supervision.      Louise McCutcheon, Katri Kanninen, Lee Crothers
2. A mindful dialogue with reciprocal roles.       Liz McCormick
3. Working with Groups.     Jason Hepple
4. Introduction to CAT in Greek.      Vicky Petratou, Iannis Vlachos, Aravela Adamopoulou

11.00 Coffee
13.00 Lunch

14.00-16.00   Workshops continue as above

16.00 Coffee tea break and free time

16.30 Conference Registration

17.30 Opening Plenary Session:

  • Opening remarks:  Iannis Vlachos and Anna Mergoupi
  • Revisiting the four key relational ideas and their therapeutic tools at the heart of CAT’s approach to mental health (reciprocation, internalisation, dialogue, reformulation). Katri Kanninen and Steve Potter

(Chaired by Liz McCormick)

19.00 Welcome reception and buffet on the beach  (Welcome from the Mayor of Patras)

Saturday 26th September

09.00 Second Plenary Session:

  • The relational formulation of treatment and care alongside the therapy intervention. Andrew Chanen 
  • Working alongside Parents.    Nick Barnes 
  • Using CAT to guide and integrate care and treatment for service users with complex and challenging presentations.  Mark Ramm and Jamie Kirkland 

(Chaired by Katri Kanninen)

10.30 Refreshments
11.00 Workshop/Seminars:

Stream A

  • CAT for Apparently Unusual Experiences  Alex Perry and Ranil Tan
  • “Working with people with low self-esteem”. Mergoupi Anna, Kyritsi Maria, Panagiotopoulou Elli

Stream B

  • CAT in Greece: Organizational and cultural issues Kostas Argyropoulos , Garyfallos George, Vlachos Iannis
  • ‘CAT in Our Time’.  Mandy Wildman, Andrea Daykin, Kath Sykes

Stream C

  • Making CAT alive and relevant for care teams working with complex and challenging service users.  Jamie Kirkland and Mark Ramm  
  • Two international songs as a sign of the effectiveness of a 16 sessions CAT case. Skemberi Eleni, Garyfallos DK, Adamopoulou Aravella, Mpozikas Basilis, Fokas K.

12.30 Long Lunch

14.00 Third Plenary Session:

  • CATBiD: A phase one randomised controlled study of Cognitive Analytic Therapy for Bipolar Affective Disorder.  Dr Mark Evans
  • Mapping the Crisis in Greece.   Aravella Adamopoulou
  • Map and Talk as a CAT approach to reflective practice. Nicola Kemp, Alison Bickerdike and Clare Bingham

(Chaired by Louise McCutcheon)

16.00 Workshop/Seminars:

Stream A

  • 4-5 sessions of CAT for parents within the Webster-Stratton approach to a parent group. Marie-Anne Bernardy-Arbuz

Stream B

  • Evaluation of CAT outcome in patients with somatoform disorder. George Garyfallos, D Garyfallos, Aravello Adamopoulou
  • The use of CAT mapping in peer mentoring projects.  Nick Barnes 

Stream C

  • Relational skills in using map and talk as a CAT approach to reflective practice. Nicola Kemp, Alison Bickerdyke, Steve Potter and Clare Bingham
  • Moments of therapeutically voicing, feeling and rewording the written reformulation    Steve Potter

18.00  City tour by bus and visit to Achaia Clauss winery

  • Annual General Meeting of Hellas CAT the Greek Association for CAT (For Greek participants)

20.30:  Conference gala meal at a local restaurant

Sunday 27th September

09.00 Fourth Plenary Session:

  • Bakhtin and Psychoanalysis.   Fotis Terzakis  (In greek with translation) followed by discussant (Jason Hepple)  on the link to CAT
  • The relational Self at the core of CAT: implications for work with complex and BPD cases.  Ian Kerr 

(Chaired by Vicki Petratou)

10.30 Refreshments
11.00 Parallel Workshops/Seminars

Stream A

  • SNAG: the unsolvable riddle. Is it a Gordian knot to be severed, or a Sphinx to jump off the cliff? Or not? Spyros Karvounis
  • CAT in Spain and Chile.  Carlos Mirapeix

Stream B

  • The application of CAT in a couple’s sexual problem. Aravela Adamopoulou
  • Recovering from Violence: A research study that explores how relating to others can change through Group Cognitive Analytic Music Therapy with treatment resistant patients. Stella Compton Dickinson

Stream C

  • Using CAT in a shelter for abused women.   Adraskela Maria, Chasapi Theodora, Vlachos Iannis, Kotsia Anastasia
  • Addressing and celebrating the relational Self at the core of CAT.    Ian Kerr 

12.30 Long Lunch
13.30 Parallel Workshops/Seminars:

Stream A

  • Using a CAT approach to inform group work (Open and Closed) with adolescents-within an inpatient setting. John Mulhall
  • Working with inpatient staff of an acute adult mental health unit. Sarah Cluley

Stream B

  • Working with Exits in CAT.    Vicky Petratou
  • CAT and Health Care.   Rosangela Caruso

Stream C

  • Using CAT mapping as an aid in brief consultations.   Aisling White
  • Is Core Pain in or out?  (What is and is not CAT and how do we decide?)  Video with Liz McCormick and Steve Potter

15.00 Refreshments

15.30   Fifth Plenary Session:

  • The future of CAT and our role within it.   Jason Hepple
  • Voices in the crisis: a multi-national discussion about how CAT can help share understanding -chaired by Louise McCutcheon
  • Concluding remarks.  Iannis Vlachos, Steve Potter, Elmina Simitzi

17.00 Conference closes followed by ICATA Annual Executive Meeting

20.00   Evening meal in local restaurant for those staying  until Monday

Posters and Videos

available throughout the conference  (additional contributions of posters and videos welcome)

  • Reflections on transference in eating disorders: work in progress.  Cristina Fiorani, Marisa Poggioli,  Clare Tanner.
  • Feasibility Study: How Relating To Others Can Change Through Group Cognitive Analytic Music Therapy.  Stella Compton Dickinson 
  • Relationships within the Greek family in times of crisis.  Filomina Koutsi, Christina Kotsafti 
  • The use of CAT diagrams for understanding the social-economical status of Hellas (Greece)  A. Adamopoulou
  •  Is Core Pain in or out?  (What is and is not CAT and how do we decide?)  Video with Liz McCormick and Steve Potter

Monday 28th Sept     Journey Home: Or conference visit to Olympia: the original home of the Olympic Games

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