CAT in Ireland


CAT in Ireland

We are a small but active Irish CAT community. We have completed a range of trainings as CAT Practitioners, CAT Supervisors and CAT Psychotherapists. Most of us are currently working in the Irish public health services employed as Psychologists, Mental Health Nurses, Child and Adolescent or Adult Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, Mental Health Social Workers or Counsellors/Therapists. We are largely based in the east of the country around the Dublin area, although there are some CAT practitioners working elsewhere of Ireland. A number of us are also involved in the provision of the ICAT training programmes.

Irish Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy (ICAT)

ICAT was established in 2006 and is the national organisation for CAT and CAT therapists in Ireland. ICAT is registered as a limited company with the Companies Registration Office Ireland, with a board of directors and a company secretary. For its operational activities it has an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee consists of an ICAT Chair, Treasurer, Membership Secretary and ordinary members. There are a number of membership category options on offer from ICAT. These are ‘Advanced CAT member’, ‘CAT Practitioner member’, ‘CAT Skilled member’, ‘CAT trainee’ and a ‘Friend of ICAT’ (non-voting). ICAT has been an active, supportive member of ICATA since its formation.

CAT Training in Ireland

Training in Cognitive Analytic Therapy has been available in Ireland since 2000 when the first CAT practitioner training programme was run and two further programs followed this with intakes in 2003 and 2005. These courses were accredited by ACAT, the UK-based organisation. Following the establishment of ICAT in September 2006 and our subsequent membership of ICATA, ICAT now runs CAT training programmes and CPD events.


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Deborah Russell-Carroll (CAT Therapist, Supervisor & Trainer ) and Jessie Emilion

Claire Regan (CAT Therapist, Supervisor & Trainer) & Elaine Martin (ICATA executive member) at the ICATA International Conference in Ferrara in 2019


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