Call for contributions

Call for contributions for the third issue due for publication in March 2019

Contributions are welcome for the third volume of the journal.  For print copies and online details of the first and second volumes

“International Journal of Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Relational Mental Health”

Editors: Katri Kanninen, Ian B Kerr, Steve Potter.

Editorial assistant: Anna Haigh

Editorial Board: Current Executive Members of ICATA ( Elizabeth McCormick, Iannis Vlachos, Aisling White, Fiorani Cristina, Debby Russell, Marie-Anne Bernardy, Jessie Emilion, Dorota Chmielewska, Gabriele Stabler, Mavi Gómez de Ramón Fuster, Aravella Adamopoulou, Louise Mccutcheon, Rosangela Caruso)

Editorial and Publishing Consultant: Derek Rodger.

Editorial Advisory Board:  Dr Georges Adamopoulou, Dr Dee Affleck, Hilary Beard, Dr Dawn Bennett, Professor Hilary Brown, Prof Andrew Chanen, Caroline Dower, Prof Luigi Grassi, Dr Jason Hepple, Dr Steve Kellett, Professor Mikael Leiman, Julie Lloyd, Dr Carlos Mirapeix, Dr Frank Margison, Professor Glenys Parry, Dr Mark Ramm, Dr Anthony Ryle, Professor Colwyn Trevarthen, Dr Lawrence Welch.

ICATA is pleased to announce the  second volume of an open-access, on-line, ‘copy-left’ journal entitled ‘The International Journal of Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Relational Mental Health’. The launch took place on March 10th 2017 in London.

The second volume is due for launch in July 2018

The journal seeks to meet a perceived increasing need for an international forum and platform to present and publish clinical research as well as developments in the theory and broader application of CAT.

The journal will also aim to reach out to closely related fields in the area of relational mental health which is a fundamental aspect of the CAT model.

It will have the further aim of promoting integration of relevant and important aspects of relational mental health and psychotherapy more generally. The journal will aim to publish a range of material including clinical research (both quantitative and qualitative and including case studies), theoretical papers on aspects of the evolving CAT model and related fields, broader and non-clinical applications of CAT theory and practice, papers on teaching and training in CAT, book and article reviews, a ‘what’s on’ CAT- related events section, and a regular editorial section.

Submissions will be peer reviewed and the journal will aim at an initial turn-around time of 30 days. It is planned to publish the journal annually in the first instance. Submissions are invited for the third issue and contributions are welcome at anytime. Correspondence for enquiries and contributions by email is Guidelines for authors are to be found at Guidelines for Authors

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