International Journal First Issue

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The first issue of the International Journal of Cognitive Analytic Therapy and Relational Mental Health offers a platform for the growing body of work emerging from the CAT model and relational and integrative approaches more broadly. These come from many different theoretical and clinical contexts as well as different countries and cultures.

A common thread in the contents is a relational conceptualisation of individual and systemic mental health problems, its implications for more ‘joined-up’ ways of working, and for treatment provision.

Plans for at least part of the next issue are to explore the concept of psychological ‘trauma’ within a relational context.

Contents of the first issue

  • Foreword by the late Anthony Ryle

  • Editorial –  Steve Potter, Ian Kerr, Katri Kanninen

  • The Affectionate, Intersubjective Intelligence of the Infant and Its Innate Motives for Relational Mental Health  –  Colwyn Trevarthen

  • Working with Refugees  – A CAT-Based Relational Perspective  – Fritha Melville, Jennifer O’Brien

  • Psychotherapy for borderline personality disorder  – Elon Gersh et al

  • If I work with the mother will the child get better?- Marie-Anne Bernardy-Arbuz

  • CAT within a school system –  Siobain Bonfield, Lee Crothers

  • A relational approach to young people’s mental health – Nick Barnes

  • ‘Map and Talk’: A CAT Approach in a Forensic Setting – Nicola Kemp, Alison Bickerdike, Clare Bingham.

  • Reducing Anxiety and Depression in Older Adults  – Tamsin Williams, Sarah Craven-Staines

 International Cognitive Analytic Therapy Association  (ICATA)   192 pages  ISSN 2059-9919

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