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Is CAT a treatment model or a way of thinking?

In talking recently with colleagues in Finland the distinction betweeen CAT as a timelimited, brief, structured therapy and CAT as a way of thinking about our human development and interaction with each other came up.   Of course a lot of the thinking as developed by Ryle […]

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What to do in the Middle?

Between the beginning and the end is the middle All models of therapy have a beginning, middle and an end.  Even long term or open-ended therapies have phases of focused work with times of review, or episodes of work that come to an end and have their […]

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Is CAT a Cognitive Therapy?

Is CAT a Cognitive Therapy? No!!!!  CAT grew out of the work of Dr Anthony Ryle as he developed a cognitive psychological understanding of key ideas in the ‘object relations’  approach to psychoanalytic thought. Yes!!!!   CAT is distinctively a Cognitive therapy in its use of the procedural sequences […]

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