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Is CAT a Cognitive Therapy?

Is CAT a Cognitive Therapy? No!!!!  CAT grew out of the work of Dr Anthony Ryle as he developed a cognitive psychological understanding of key ideas in the ‘object relations’  approach to psychoanalytic thought. Yes!!!!   CAT is distinctively a Cognitive therapy in its use of the procedural sequences […]

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Short versus long CAT

Short versus long CAT CAT can be as short as a single extended session or last several years.  In the early days the typical CAT intervention lasts sixteen sessions.  Some people do CAT lasting six to eight sessions and others, working with more complex needs for help, […]

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Dialogic, Interpersonal, Analytic – What makes CAT relational?

Dialogic, Interpersonal, Analytic – What makes CAT relational? CAT is a therapy which helps in the understanding of our relationship with ourselves in the world. Its focus is on reciprocal patterns of relating and the push and pull of these in the interpersonal experience of the therapy. […]

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